Research Areas

Our research areas are

Supporting both reseach and teaching, an open-source Machine-Translation system called Vanda is being built at our chair. It shall be a manifestation of both the knowledge obtained in our lectures and the insights gained in our research.

Workshop Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications

This workshop is a joint effort of our chair and the chair of Automata and Languages at the University of Leipzig. Starting in 2002, it took place every other year, and since 2004 venues alternated between Dresden and Leipzig.

Further information: WATA 2018WATA 2016WATA 2014 • WATA 2012 • WATA 2010 • WATA 2008 • WATA 2006 • WATA 2004 • WATA 2002

Ph.D. Graduates

list of Ph.D. graduates

Postgraduate Programme

Our chair participates in the new postgraduate programme “Quantitative Logics and Automata (QuantLA)”.

Our chair participated in the postgradate programme Spezifikation diskreter Prozesse und Prozeßsysteme durch operationelle Modelle und Logiken, which started in 1997 and ended in 2005.

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