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Information on writing articles

If you like to write a thesis, take the module “Forschungsprojekt Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprachen”, or have any questions, feel free to ask our staff.

You can find theses we supervised so far on the subpage “List of Theses”.

Requirements on the form

Regardless of whether you write a seminar essay, a minor thesis, or a diploma thesis, you have to get the contents into a neat and appealing form. That means that you structure your work adequately into sections, that you write an introduction to your topic, that the title and author of your work appear on the first page, that you reference all sources you used, and—last but not least—that the typeface is easy to read. We usually do not enforce more specific requirements such as font size, line spacing, margins, binding etc.


A nice appealing form can be accomplished by a number of various means. We recommend using the typesetting system Latex, which is not only known to create a very good typeface, but also handles mathematical formulae very well and automates a lot of things, such as the table of contents, the list of references, numbering of footnotes and figures and so on.

The texlive distribution for Linux contains everything you need to get started with Latex. It is available in every major Linux distribution. Of course, there are Latex distributions for Windows as well. The section Links contains further information on that. Likewise it contains an introduction into Latex and some important advice.


Installation under Windows

Using Latex

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