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Mörbitz, Richard; Vogler, Heiko: Weighted Parsing for Grammar-Based Language Models over Multioperator Monoids. In: arXiv preprint (2019)

Osterholzer, Johannes; Dietze, Toni; Herrmann, Luisa: Linear Context-Free Tree Languages and Inverse Homomorphisms. In: Computing Research Repository (2015)

Stüber, Torsten: Consistency of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars. In: Technical Reports (2012), S. 1–26

Geisler, Daniel; Stüber, Torsten: Weighted Monadic Datalog Tree Transducers. In: Technical Report TUD-FI10-07-Dezember 2010 (2010)

Radovanovic, Dragica: Weighted Tree Automata over Strong Bimonoids. In: Technical Report TUD-FI09-02 TUD-FI09-02 (2009)

Högberg, Johanna; Maletti, Andreas; Vogler, Heiko: Bisimulation minimisation of weighted automata on unranked trees. In: Technical Report, Dresden University of Technology TUD-FI08-03 (2008)

Voigtländer, Janis; Stenger, Florian: Parametricity for Haskell with Imprecise Error Semantics. In: Technical Report, Dresden University of Technology TUD-FI08-08 (2008)

Högberg, J.; Maletti, A.; May, J.: Backward and Forward Bisimulation Minimisation of Tree Automata. In: Technical Report ISI-TR-633 (2007)

Högberg, J.; Maletti, A.; May, J.: Bisimulation Minimisation of Weighted Tree Automata. In: Technical Report ISI-TR-634 (2007)

Voigtländer, J.; Johann, P.: Selective Strictness and Parametricity in Structural Operational Semantics. In: Technical Report TUD-FI06-02, Technische Universität Dresden (2006)

Fülöp, Z.; Vogler, H.: A Comparison of Several Models of Weighted Tree Automata. In: Technical Report TUD-FI06-08, Technische Universität Dresden (2006)

Maletti, A.: Pure and O-Substitution. In: Technical Report TUD-FI06-05, Technische Universität Dresden (2006)

Droste, Manfred; Vogler, Heiko: Weighted Logics for XML. In: manuscript (2006)

Maletti, A.: Compositions of Tree Series Transformations. In: Technical Report TUD-FI05-05 (2005)

Giesl, J.; Kühnemann, A.; Voigtländer, J.: Deaccumulation Techniques for Improving Provability. In: Technical Report TUD-FI05-14 (2005), S. 1–50

Droste, M.; Vogler, H.: Recognizable and Rational Formal Power Series with General Discounting. In: Technical Report TUD-FI05-06 (2005)

Fülöp, Z.; Muzamel, L.: Decomposition Results for Pebble Macro Tree Transducers. In: Technical Report TUD-FI05-13 (2005), S. 1–41

Maletti, A.: Inclusion Diagrams for Classes of Deterministic Bottom-up Tree-to-Tree-Series Transformations. In: Technical Report TUD-FI04-07 (2004), S. 1–34

Vogler, H.: φ-Recognizable Formal Power Series are φ-Rational - An Alternative Proof. In: Technical Report TUD-FI04-06 (2004), S. 1–18

Kühnemann, Armin; Voigtländer, Janis: Tree Transducer Composition as Deforestation Method for Functional Programs. In: TUD-FI01 - 07 - August 2001 (2001)

Voigtländer, Janis; Kühnemann, Armin: Composition of Functions with Accumulating Parameters. In: TUD-FI01-08 (2001)

Kühnemann, Armin: Attribute Grammars and Program Optimization (2001)

Jürgensen, Claus: A Formalization of Hylomorphism Based Deforestation with an Application to an Extended Typed λ-Calculus. In: TUD-FI00-13 (2000)

Kühnemann, Armin: Comparison of deforestation techniques for functional programs and for tree transducers. In: TUD-FI99-01 (1999)

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