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Motivation and aims

The concept of reactive, technical systems forms the motivation for this research project. Such systems can be considered as configurations of resources on which processes, i.e., sequences of actions are running; such sequences depend on the inner state of the system and on external events. Examples for reactive systems are operating systems, communication systems, control systems of technical installations and systems for medical diagnosis.

In our research project we aim at describing processes of such reactive, technical systems by means of formal methods. From these formal descriptions we try to derive properties of all the processes which run on the system. For example, in the framework of operating systems, we would like to derive assertions about freeness of deadlocks. Because of the complexity of such systems, only formal methods can be a sufficient basis for verification and reliability of such properties.

There is a huge diversity of formal models for the decription of processes. Roughly, they can be partitioned into operational models (like Petri Nets, asynchronous transition systems, concurrent automata, CCS, pi-calculus, term- and graph-rewriting systems) and logics (like predicate calculus, fluent calculus, linear logic, temporal logic, µ-calculus).

The aim of the research programme is, on the one hand, to continue the investigation about how to describe processes in a formal way and the comparison of different formalizations. On the other hand, we aim at enriching these formal concepts by verification techniques.

Research programme

The research programme consists of five crucial parts:

1. Algebraic models for processes

2. Category-theoretic models for processes

3. Logic-specification of processes

4. Semi-automatic verification of properties of processes

5. Formal concept analysis for processes


first period (01.01.1997 - 31.12.1999)

second period (01.01.2000 - 31.12.2002)

third period (01.01.2003 - 31.12.2005)


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