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Abadi, M./Cardelli, L.
A Theory of Objects
Abiteboul, S.
Data on the Web
Handbook of Logic in Computer Science,

Semantic Structures, Vol. 3
Handbook of Logic in Computer Science,

Semantic Structures, Vol. 4
Handbook of Logic in Computer Science,

Logic and Algebraic Methods, Vol. 5
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A Theory of Predicates
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Theory of Mathematical Structures
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Modern Compiler Inplementation im MC
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Verification of Sequential and Concurrent Programs
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Categories, Types and Structures
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Term Rewriting and All That
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Category Theory for Computing Science
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Information Flow
Bérard, B., Bidoit, M., ....
Systems and Software Verification
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Computational Logic
Berstel, J.
Transductions and Context-Fee Languages
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Office 2000
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Artifical Intelligence Techniques
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Categories for Types
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Star Office 5.1
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Finite Model Theory
Mathematisch-strukturelle Grundlagen der Informatik
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First-Order Logic and Automated Theorem Proving
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Handbook of Logic in Artifical Intelligence and Logic Progr.,

Logical Foundations, Vol. 1
Handbook of Logic in Artifical Intelligence and Logic Progr.,

Logik Programming , Vol. 5
Ganter, B./Wille, R. 2x Formal Concept Analysis
Ganter, B./Wille, R.
Formale Begriffsanalyse
Girard, J.-Y.
Proof Theory and Logical Complexity
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Mathematics of Modality
Goldblatt, R.
Logics of Time and Computation
The LATEX Companion
Der LATEX Begleiter
LaTex Graphics Companion
The latex web companion
Grillet, P. A.
Semigroups, An Introduction to the Structure Theory
Herrmann, J.
Maschinelles Lernen u. Wissensbasierte Systeme
Hindley, R.
Basic Simple Type Theory
Huth, M./Ryan M.
Logic in Computer Science: Modelling and reasoning about S.
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Allgemeine Algebra
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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics Vol. I
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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics Vol. II
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Digital Typography
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Kopka, H. 2x Latex Band 2
Kopka, H.
Latex Band 3
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Communication Complexity
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Defending AI Research
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Computer Science Logic
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Rewriting Techniques and Applications
Partial Order Methods in Verification
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Funktionale Programmierung
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Elemente der Kategorientheorie
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Handbook of Graph Grammars and Computing by Graph

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Elementare Berechenbarkeitstheorie
Smolka, G.
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming CP97
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Algebraic Topology
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Analyse von Petri-Netz-Modellen
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The Art of Prolog
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Distributed Algorithms
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Normalization, Cut-Elimination and the Theory of Proofs
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Timed Petri Nets
Wegener, I.
Branching Programs and Binary Decision Diagrams