6th International Workshop

Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications

WATA 2012
May 29 – June 2, 2012, Dresden, Germany

List of Tutorials

  1. J. Esparza and M. Luttenberger (München, Germany).
    Derivation tree analysis of fixed-point equations over semirings
  2. O. Kupferman (Jerusalem, Israel).
    Weighted Automata
  3. A. Sarkar (Burnaby, Canada).
    Strings to Trees to Strings: A Survey of Tree Adjoining Grammars

List of Survey Lectures

  1. F. Drewes (Umeå, Sweden).
    Weighted Automata, Coloured Pictures, and More
  2. Z. Ésik (Szeged, Hungary).
    Axiomatizing weighted bisimulation
  3. P. Gastin and B. Monmege (Cachan, France).
    Efficient computations with pebbles
  4. L. Kallmeyer (Düsseldorf, Germany).
    Weighted Deductive Parsing using Probabilistic Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems
  5. K. Knight (Marina del Rey, Califormia).
    Generative Processes for Human Language Translation: Strings, Trees, and Graphs
  6. K. Larsen (Aalborg, Denmark).
    From Priced Timed Automata to Energy Games
  7. K. Quaas (Leipzig, Germany).
    The Fruitful interplay of Weighted Automata and Weighted Timed Automata

List of Technical Contributions

List of technical contributions accepted for presentation (in alphabetic order):

  1. M. Berlinkov (Ekaterinburg).
    Markov Chains and Synchronizing Automata
  2. B. Bollig (Cachan), P. Gastin (Cachan), B. Monmege (Cachan), M. Zeitoun (Bordeaux).
    Series and Infinite Sums: Automata, Expressions, and Logic.
  3. F. Braune, N. Seemann, D. Quernheim, A. Maletti (Stuttgart).
    Machine Translation with Multi Bottom-up Tree Transducers.
  4. J. Bubenzer (Potsdam), B.W. Watson (Stellenbosch).
    A Minimality-Preserving Regular Calculus of ADFA’s.
  5. M. Büchse, T. Dietze, J. Osterholzer, A. Fischer, L. Leuschner (Dresden).
    VANDA – A Statistical Machine Translation Toolkit.
  6. M. Büchse, A. Fischer (Dresden).
    Deciding the Twins Property for Weighted Tree Automata over Extremal Semifields.
  7. M. Ćirić, J. Ignjatović (Niš).
    Fuzziness in Automata Theory: Why? How?
  8. G. Crosswhite (Queensland).
    Embracing divergence: an approach to generalizing weighted automata to infinite words with applications in quantum simulation.
  9. N. Damljanović, M. Ćirić, J. Ignjatović (Niš).
    Bisimulations for weighted automata.
  10. M. Droste, D. Götze, S. Märcker, I. Meinecke (Leipzig).
    Weighted Tree Automata over Valuation Monoids and Their Characterization by Weighted Logics.
  11. U. Fahrenberg (Rennes), A. Legay (Rennes), K. Quaas (Leipzig).
    Büchi Conditions for Generalized Energy Automata.
  12. B. Felgenhauer (Innsbruck), S. Schwarz (Zwickau), J. Waldmann (Leipzig).
    Size-Change Termination and Tropical Matrix Monoids.
  13. N. Fijalkow (Paris), H. Gimbert (Bordeaux), Y. Oualhadj (Bordeaux).
    Deciding the Value 1 Problem of Probabilistic Leaktight Automata.
  14. Z. Fülöp (Szeged), H. Vogler (Dresden).
    Weighted Tree Automata and Branching Transitive Closure Logics.
  15. M. Huber, Chr. Kölbl (Augsburg).
    Weighted Automata as Semantic Representation.
  16. J. Ignjatović, M. Ćirić, V. Simović (Niš).
    Subsystems of Fuzzy Transition Systems.
  17. I. Jančić, Z. Jančić, J. Ignjatović, M. Ćirić (Niš).
    Fuzzy automata: Determinization using simulations.
  18. Z. Jančić, I. Jančić, J. Ignjatović, M. Ćirić (Niš).
    Fuzzy and weighted automata: Canonization methods.
  19. B. Jurish (Berlin-Brandenburg), K.-M. Würzner (Potsdam).
    Multi-threaded composition of weighted finite-state transducers.
  20. E, Kabanova (Novosibirsk).
    Distance between formulas of the five-valued Lukasiewicz logic and the uncertainty measure of expert statements.
  21. D. Kirsten (Berlin).
    Decidability, Undecidability, and PSPACE-Completeness of the Twins Property in the Tropical Semiring.
  22. K. Lehmann, R. Peñaloza (Dresden).
    The Complexity of Computing the Behaviour of Weighted Büchi Automata over Lattices.
  23. S. Lombardy, J. Sakarovitch (Paris).
    On the weighted closure problem.
  24. A. Maletti, D. Quernheim (Stuttgart).
    Pushing for weighted tree automata.
  25. I. Meinecke, K. Quaas (Leipzig).
    Parameterized Model Checking of Weighted Networks.
  26. V. Perevoshchikov (Leipzig).
    Büchi-Type Theorems for Unambiguous, Functional and Multi-Weighted Automata.
  27. T. Stüber (Dresden).
    Consistency of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars.
  28. Th. Weidner (Leipzig).
    Probabilistic Automata and Probabilistic Logic.
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