Workshop on

Model Theory, Automorphism Groups, and Weighted Automata

June 17, 2016, Dresden, Germany

We mark the 60th birthday of our friend Manfred Droste by a scientific meeting that consists of six invited talks. These invited talks are intended to represent Manfred's research interests in mathematics and in computer science. More specifically they cover infinite Abelian groups, infinite permutation groups, rational languages, weighted automata, and the verification of quantitative models – areas that Manfred contributed to over the last years, still contributes to and will certainly contribute to over the years to come.

We have the pleasure that five of his many collaborators and a former student of his late supervisor agreed to present these talks:

We invite all of Manfred’s friends, collaborators, colleagues, students, and of course everybody interested in the talks to join this scientific event.

Important Dates


In order to organize the workshop appropriately we would like to ask you to register your participation by simply sending an e-mail to Heiko Vogler <>.

Scientific Programme

You can download the proceedings with the schedule, titles, and abstracts of the talks.

There is an alternative version of the proceedings (15.8 MiB) that additionally contains pictures from the event.

Workshop Location

The workshop takes place at:

Technische Universität Dresden
Fakultät Informatik
Room APB/1004
Nöthnitzer Str. 46
D-01187 Dresden

Cafeteria, Mensa

There is a small cafeteria (ASCII, room APB/E016) in the foyer of the Fakultät Informatik. A large cafeteria and a mensa (Alte Mensa, Mommsenstr. 13) are located at the campus.


We have an option on a number of rooms for participants in the guest house of the university:

Gästehaus der TU Dresden „Am Weberplatz“
Weberplatz 3
01217 Dresden

Tel.: +49 351 4 67 93 00
Fax: +49 351 4 67 93 94

If you need an accomodation, then please contact the guest house and book by yourself. First come, first served. For each invited speaker we have already booked a room. Our option is valid until May 10, 2016.


If you have any questions, then contact Heiko Vogler <>.

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